On April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day, but really, shouldn’t every day be Earth Day? 

Each April, people rally to acknowledge Earth Day with many aiming to do better, make good choices, and most of all, make a difference. At Paper Label, we like to think every day is Earth Day. We always aspire to be better, do more, and inspire others. 

Our intention is to design and produce clothing that doesn’t just fill your closet or the need for a quick fashion fix. As advocates for slow fashion, our clothing is designed to last. 

We continue to make steps to become an eco-alternative and 100% sustainable brand; aiming to minimize our environmental fashion footprint and affect positive impact on our planet. 

We are constantly striving to hit our next sustainable target, be it in packaging or fabrics or in production initiativesOur collection of sustainable loungewear fabrics including TENCEL™ Lyocell, bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton help our efforts. 


Paper Label is pleased to partner with @tencel_usa for their 2021 TENCEL™ Earth Month campaign, #checkwhatsgood. Designed to encourage consumers to make good choices for the environment, the goal is to help consumers understand that when they see a TENCEL™ logo, they can trust what they are buying and know that it is sustainably sourced. 

TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal cellulosic fibers naturally manage the transportation of moisture, contributing to breathable fabrics that provide a less favourable environment for bacterial growth, offering better hygienic qualities. 

Derived from renewable wood sources, TENCEL™ Intimate cellulosic fibers gently embrace your body with long-lasting softness to help your skin feel pleasantly cool and dry throughout the day and night. As a result of the smooth fiber surface, TENCEL™ Intimate cellulosic fibers offer an exquisitely gentle quality that creates a barely-there feel. 

What Can You Do 

If you want to #checkwhatsgood at Paper Label, take a look at some of our PAPER LABEL TENCEL™ STYLES

There is no end to the actions we all can take to make a difference and help take care of our planet. Buying clothing made with TENCEL™ is one way you can feel good about your selections. Because every day should be Earth Day. 

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