In a time when most people are doing their best just to get through, some communities are being targeted with racial injustices. One full year after the outbreak of a global pandemic, millions of vulnerable people have been severely impacted. Compounding the affects of the pandemic is an alarming rise in Asian hate incidents and hate crimes.

For our April #GivingBack, we have selected four organizations that focus on supporting vulnerable communities, elevating anti-racism messaging and collecting relevant data to help change policies and affect positive changes. With your help, we are able to give back to organizations that are making major impacts. At Paper Label, we acknowledge the impact these organizations make that are critical to the people, families, and vulnerable communities they support  that's why we're #GivingBack.


Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House
The mission of the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House (DTES NH) is to provide opportunities for residents to meaningfully engage with and contribute to their community in an equitable atmosphere of sharing and learning.

The secular, grassroots DTES NH embraces people of all ancestries, genders, ages, and descriptions; annually welcoming almost 9,000 DTES residents in a community where 70% of the population have low‐incomes, 700 are homeless and 5,000 are under-housed.

Programming is community inspired and varied, a sampling of which has included a Chinese Elders Community Kitchen, Traditional Aboriginal Community Kitchen, Leadership Development, a Children’s Community Kitchen, Nutritional Outreach Activities, The Healing Circle, Father’s for Thought, Table Talks project, Family Drop In: Families, Farming and Food, Community Drop-in and the production of a Right to Food Zine.

Those who built the DTES NH put the Right to Food at the heart of their work, as nutritional vulnerability was a theme familiar to all. The goal around the Right to Food is to reform the nutritional impact, quality, abundance, and delivery of food in the DTES in consultation with residents, community food providers, non‐food community organizations, healthcare professionals, policy makers, growers/suppliers, food/beverage industry professionals and researchers.



In response to the alarming escalation in xenophobia and bigotry resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, three organizations (the Asian Pacific Planning and Policy Council, Chinese for Affirmative Action, and the Asian American Studies Department of San Francisco State University) launched the Stop AAPI Hate reporting center in March 2020. The center tracks and responds to incidents of hate, violence, harassment, discrimination, shunning, and child bullying against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders of the United States.  

Their approach recognizes that in order to effectively address anti-Asian racism they must work to end all forms of structural racism leveled at Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color.  

With a five-pronged approach to: 

  • Serve as the leading aggregator of anti-Asian hate incidents 
  • Offer multilingual resources for impacted community members 
  • Provide technical assistance from rapid response to preventative measures 
  • Support community-based safety measures and restorative justice efforts 
  • Advocate for local, state, and national policies that reinforces human rights and civil rights protections  
S.U.C.C.E.S.S. has dedicated itself to helping Canadians and newcomers achieve their full potential since 1973. Originally started as a small social service agency mainly serving Chinese immigrants, it has evolved into one of the largest multicultural, multilingual, and multi-service agencies in the country. Over 500 team members speaking 50+ languages and serving 72,000 clients, S.U.C.C.E.S.S. proudly supports an intercultural community. 

The agency offers a wide range of programs and services in the areas of newcomer settlement, English-language training, employment and entrepreneurship, family, youth, and seniors programming, health education, community development, affordable housing, and senior’s care.  

With the goal to help all people to have a better and more fulfilling life in their Canadian journeySUCCESS continues to broaden their offering to better serve a more diverse group of clients and our intercultural communities.  

Their vision is for a vibrant Canadian society where all people thrive and contribute to their communities.  

At Paper Label, we share that vision. 



Asian American women have consistently reported 2-3 more incidents of harassment and violence than men. The coronavirus has been weaponized to enable even more racialized misogyny but NAPAWF (National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum) continues to courageously speak up so these stories can be heard, and demand leaders address racism and violence against this community. 

“New polling commissioned by NAPAWF has revealed that nearly half of the Asian American and Pacific Islander women respondents had been affected by anti-Asian racism in the past two years. This comes as no surprise. Even before the pandemic and the racist scapegoating that came in its wake, AAPI women routinely experienced racialized misogyny. Now, our community, and particularly women, elders, and workers with low-wage jobs, are bearing the brunt of continued vilification.” 

NAPAWF seeks of their elected officials a response that: 

  • Centers the needs of the communities on the ground 
  • Tackles the systemic racism and white supremacy that continues to plague the US 
  • Addresses the needs of the survivors with services such as increased culturally informed victim support, community support, meaningful physical and mental health access including for all immigrants, and economic assistance that focuses on those who need it most


Here's How to Participate:

For every online order we receive, Paper Label will donate 2% of the purchase to a non-profit organization, at no additional cost to our customer. Every customer has the opportunity to select which non-profit organization their purchase will support.

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Thank you for joining us on our journey of giving.

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