At PAPER LABEL we focus on fabrics that are not only beautiful, but also sustainable. Textiles impact the environment in a number of different ways, so we think about the impact as a whole and try to choose fabrics that have the least negative effect on the earth. We consider water and pesticide usage during fiber growth, renewability of resources, energy and chemicals used during processing, disposal techniques, care requirements, fabric longevity, and biodegradability.  

When it comes to caring for our earth, we acknowledge that the clothing industry is indeed a top contributor to plastic pollution, waste, and emissions. While we can’t change an entire industry, we will be moving toward a better future for fashion by designing with sustainable fabrics and reducing our waste. From supply chains to the way we run the office and whom we partner with, we promote sustainability where we can.

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After production we aim to minimize the impact of our small business. We continue our efforts to move away from virgin materials wherever possible and source the most environmentally friendly packaging that will protect our product. We are committed to reducing plastic wherever we can and staying informed on new innovative opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of packaging. 

Through our research of various packaging options, we landed on OceanPoly®. Paper Label now ships all garments in recyclable bags made with 50% recycled content with a minimum of 25% post-consumer Oceanpoly® material.   

OceanPoly® is a long-term, economically sensible, and environmentally friendly solution to the growing marine plastic problem – a problem that can only be solved through our own actions and innovation. Choosing OceanPoly® products is making a commitment to help preserve our global ocean through empowering local populations and recycling harmful plastics before they enter our water. The plastic pollution problem is widespread and requires a partnership to create change. We all have a responsibility to act. Let’s make waves together. 

You could say we're in a "long term commitment" with sustainability. We’re always striving to do better, learn more, and inspire people to think differently about the clothes we wear. Our commitment to a cleaner way of living and doing business has made us stronger and, like any good relationship, we take every day as it comes.