Spring/Summer 24 Collection

Spring/Summer 24 Collection

Introducing our SP/SU 2024 collection — "COUNTERPOISE”


Our newest collection,"COUNTERPOISE,” offers an escape into dreamlike realms, encouraging you to embrace your own fantasies and create unique looks through a combination of diverse elements.

In crafting our latest collection, we've meticulously curated an array of design elements to encapsulate the essence of a tropical escape. Embracing organic shapes, we've woven fluidity and dynamism into each garment, evoking the natural harmony found in the lush landscapes of paradise. Our choice of vibrant pop colours injects a sense of vitality and excitement, mirroring the energy of sun-soaked destinations. Drawing inspiration from the tactile richness of tropical textures, we've incorporated nuanced details that transport wearers to sandy shores and sun-drenched retreats.

Dive into the world of "COUNTERPOISE," the first drop of our Spring/Summer 24 Collection. Escape with us as we invite you to step into a new realm. Our collections are designed with the modern woman in mind—timeless wardrobe staples that transcend seasons and trends. Embrace the power of transformation and courage as you mix and match diverse elements to build looks that are uniquely yours.

With a nod to hyper reality and surrealism, each piece in "COUNTERPOISE" urges you to embrace the unexpected. Picture yourself on vacation, savouring the warmth of the sand and the tang of fresh fruit. This isn't just clothing; it's an attitude.
Dare to dream of brighter days and step into the dreamscape of "COUNTERPOISE.”
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