Some walk and some run for the cure: PAPER LABEL reads for the cure. Working to support people who have been touched by cancer in our community, PAPER LABEL is joining Read for the Cure (RFTC), on their mission to find a cure to conquer cancer. From giveaways to engaging literary events with some of Canada’s best-loved authors, it’s an opportunity for us all to feel the warmth and support of a community that cares, while diving into the stories that motivate us even in the toughest times.  

To kick off this engaging literary event, we’re doing a giveaway!⁠


· $75 PAPER LABEL gift card 

· Read for the Cure Sleep Shirt 

· A digital ticket for Read for the Cure event on November 4, 2021 

Read for the Cure is an inspiring, literary event that connects book lovers across the country with bestselling authors and people who have been touched by cancer. While the initiative raises funds to conquer cancer in a similar way to other pledge-based initiatives; uniquely, Read for the Cure is also in support of the Environment-Cancer Fund at the Cancer Research Society, which works to reduce and eliminate cancers caused by environmental factors through education and research. In addition to joining the author panel discussions, all Read for the Cure ticket holders have access to a digital gift bag

The initiative, which was sparked by a single event in Toronto in 2007, has since turned into a national event. Raising over $1.5 million towards cancer research so far, Read for the Cure has quickly become an accessible way for people to connect  

It’s a subject that is not only deeply personal for PAPER LABEL Owner, Teresa Lake, but something that has helped bring the community in North Vancouver closer together. When a community member was diagnosed with cancer, Teresa’s friend, Pat Cumming, longed for a way to engage and support in a different way.  “Our community was emotionally wrecked by the loss of our friend and neighbour Kelvin Stephens and while Pat didn’t run or ride she wanted to show her support in some way!  That’s when she learned about RFTC,” explains Teresa. In Autumn 2014, Pat brought RFTC to Vancouver. From its inception, PAPER LABEL has supported the initiative, merging our love of cozy routines, like reading in clothes that comfort us, and giving back to the community we love so dearly. 

This year’s event begins November 4, 2021, and features some of Canada’s best-loved authors such as Mary Lawson, Perdita Felicien, Billy Ray Belcourt, Eden Robinson, and Linden Macintyre. With virtual events that give you a front row seat to author commentary and an opportunity to have your questions answered, Read for the Cure reaches far beyond your typical book club structures. This engaging event is not only an intimate experience with critically-acclaimed authors, but a chance to encourage literacy and support those who have been touched by cancer in your community and beyond.  

For every online order we receive, PAPER LABEL will donate partial proceeds to Read for the Cure, at no additional cost to our customer.

Please join PAPER LABEL in supporting this cause. 

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