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Q: What inspired you to get into photography?

W: “I always had a love of photos. Ever since I was a little girl I would collect old black and white photography or I would bring old family photos to our local photography shop and get them changed to black and white and professionally framed. I think I loved the romance of capturing a moment.”

Q: Without exposing all your tricks, what is one tool that you think adds to a photo?

W: “Not being afraid of moving. I shoot only with prime lenses which forces me to move a lot and I think that really adds to your own personal creativity when you’re constantly moving. I find myself pushing super close to my models and then 3 shots later running backwards hoping I don’t trip and asking them to hold their pose haha”

Q: What are some of the challenges shooting garments/people wearing them? And how do you get around these challenges?

W: “I think when I first started shooting garments it was reminding myself that the clothes are as important as the pose/model etc. Sometimes you get caught up in creating a beautiful photo and forget that the clothes need to be highlighted.”

Q: What were your favourite garments to shoot for Paper Label

W: They’re all amazing to shoot because the model is always so comfortable haha” 

Q: The photos for Fall 2016 beautifully showcased Paper Label's vision for comfort without compromising style, as well as the breathability and luxury of the fabric, how did you go about creating that?

W: “I think it’s a lot of things. Our shoots are very relaxed and fun and we all know each other so well now that the days always have an ease to them that comes through in the photos. We also spend time talking about the clothes, and the fabric and the vision for the collection. As we’re shooting and pulling looks I hear them talk so passionately about certain pieces while at the same time gaining an understanding behind each piece which helps me showcase those key elements. More then anything though the girls make amazing clothes which makes my job really easy.”
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Q: Finally, what was your favourite Paper Label piece? 

W: “Last year when we were shooting the Sherpa I couldn’t stop touching it haha it was soo soft that it became an instant favourite… and we just finished shooting the fall/winter 2017 line and I was obsessed. There’s an AMAZING nude/pink ribbed dress that has the most perfect fit and sleeve length and is so soft, and this thin strapped jumper with pockets… I could go on and on!”

Paper Label has been proudly working with Whitney Krutzfeld for the past 3 years.  She brings the greatest hopes for our shoots to life and is always willing to try for the impossible shot... and always gets it!

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