At PAPER LABEL we strive to manage our impact, always looking for ways to reduce it. We are committed to producing fashion with an awareness of the issues of overconsumption, waste, and the impact of supply chain. Hence, we work with select wholesale partners, who pre-book our seasonal Collections. This process allows us to order production responsibly aligned with the wholesale demand while forecasting a small amount for small repeats and our direct-to-consumer website.

Our intention is to offer seasonless, high-quality materials and craftmanship, and designs that maintain relevance over time.

We pre-sell our collections seasonally then order a responsible balance between production and demand. We use organic or sustainable certified fabrication where we can. We monitor waste at our distribution centers, use compostable corn garment bags and Pollast!c Mailers from Better Packaging Co. In house, we minimize and re-use internal packaging.

Learn more about our packaging here.

We are committed to a well-vetted supply chain. Most suppliers are audited yearly by a Third-Party Auditor or W.R.A.P. certified to ensure social compliance.


Teresa Lake (Founder)

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