Giving Back: About Face

Giving Back: About Face

The New Year is a time for renewal, and as a small business we start by reflecting on our brand values. PAPER LABEL is steadfast in our adherence to giving back. In 2022 we were able, with your help, to donate partial proceeds of our online sales to five causes. Now, we begin again, remaining humbled in a world of advantage where we pause and recognize those we can help. 





This winter season, we will be giving back 2% of our online sales to About Face, a Toronto-based Canadian charity which supports individuals of every age, with facial differences.  

Founded in 1985, About Face has a mission to promote and enhance the emotional and mental well-being of individuals with facial differences and their families through social and peer support, information, educational programs and public awareness. With programs for children, adults and families, communities are built and built up. If you would like to volunteer, you can do so here, and if you would like to donate directly to the cause you can do so here.  

About Face’s vision is the elimination of the stigma and discrimination encountered by individuals with a facial difference.  And we stand behind them.  

Acceptance. Community.  Empowerment. Give back.   



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