Giving Back: Join us to Protect our Planet

Giving Back: Join us to Protect our Planet

Happy Earth Month from everyone at PAPER LABEL!

At PAPER LABEL we strive to protect the planet all year, but this month we take extra time to reconnect with nature and reflect on our core values.

A commitment to care for the Earth drives everything we do, and our mission is to build a future of fashion that treads lightly, consumes mindfully, and exists in harmony with the environment. And more urgently than ever, fashion brands have a key responsibility to act.

We recognize the amount of waste and environmental destruction the fashion industry creates, and PAPER LABEL is committed to making thoughtful and intentional decisions through sourcing lower-impact fabrics and packaging, responsible manufacturers, and intentionally keeping our production small.

This Earth Month, 2% of our online sales will directly benefit The Wilderness Committee – protecting endangered species and preserving parks, wild forests and waterways, the natural resources we value and the stable climate we depend upon.

Founded in 1980 as a registered non-profit society and federal charity, 60,000 supporters, volunteers and activists from coast to coast work together to preserve wilderness, protect wildlife, defend parks, safeguard public resources and fight for a stable and healthy climate. Their head office is in Vancouver, with field offices in Victoria, Winnipeg and Toronto.

They are united in their mission to protect life-giving biological diversity through strategic research, community mobilizing and grassroots public education. The Wilderness Committee believes:

  • Healthy nature is vital to thriving communities and biodiversity
  • People taking informed action together create change
  • Relationships with communities and the land ground our work
  • Solutions challenge systems to create equity and justice for all

Earth Month is a time to reflect on our impact on the environment and to TAKE ACTION to protect our planet for future generations.


Photo by Jeremy Cai on Unsplash

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