Devon... hustler, mom + muse

Devon... hustler, mom + muse
Sometimes, hustlers wear pjs. Power dressing doesn’t always mean power suits, and jammies can be most conducive to big-idea brainstorms and long sessions pouring wisdom into your keyboard.
— Devon Brooks

Devon Brooks is the face of Paper Label for Fall-Winter 2016 but more than that, she embodies the spirit of Paper Label.  Devon is a Hustler; motivational speaker, writer, mentor and entrepreneur. Devon is a mom of two beautiful beings.  And Devon is our inspirational muse for Fall-Winter 2016.  

Poncho with attitude

We were inspired by Devon’s charisma and zest as well as her quick witted take on the world of business and what it takes to have success come knocking, and we were hooked. She became a mentor to us, helping to hone Paper Label’s voice, as well as becoming a collaborating force behind our launch of Fall 2016.

Devon’s dynamic life/business persona epitomizes the 24-7 nature of Paper Label.  This woman is on the move, plugged in and engaged with life on all levels; moving fluidly between her moments of pause and progress, her moments of hustler and muse, her moments of zen and mom. Co-founder of Blow Dry Bars and uber business collaborator, Devon was named 1 of 30 top entrepreneurs in Canada by PROFIT Magazine. 

Almost every chic I know is working on something brilliant right now that requires shifting seamlessly between hibernating and meeting-taking.
— Devon Brooks

Paper Label’s “sleep to street” sensibility, allows for transition through the day in comfort and with ease.  Our luxury, comfort and styling allow you to feel ready for anything even when you are taking time to re-direct your energy. Take a page out of Devon’s book and embrace the “gratitude and grit” that will guide you through the days and nights of doing, being and becoming.


Looking for guidance, ventures or vibrations... visit Devon's site for more inspiration: DEVS DEVELOPMENT


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