When the world becomes chaotic, we return to the basics.

We design loungewear for simple sophistication and comfort. Our intentional loungewear design and conscious construction add timeless sustainability and versatility to your day to day. Let our loungewear products be the essential building blocks of your wardrobe: versatile and classic items, intended for dressing-up, or dressing-down as required by your day.


Form, function and ultimate comfort is our goal.  Whether you work from home, or simply find yourself at home more these days, our HOME\HUB aesthetic will have you feeling “at home” wherever and however you find yourself. Zoom ready, couch ready, or simply life ready, we have you covered.

Our loungewear collections are designed to transition seamlessly from sleep to street, from home to cabin, from work life to home life and everywhere in between. Creating comfort inside and out, that is what makes life feel like home. Maintain your confidence and your comfort levels as you move throughout your day, your week, your life.  Because life is truly better in lounge.


We understand women. We are women. Paper Label was founded and is owned by a woman. The company is led by women, and all our pieces are designed and created by women. We know women and their wardrobe needs well, because we are women.


Here at Paper Label, we value doing the right thing and want to feel good about the fabrics we use in our loungewear. Making ethically aware decisions is fundamental to everything we do. It guides our everyday actions, including our philanthropic initiatives.

We are constantly striving to hit our next sustainable target, be it in packaging or fabrics or in production initiatives. Each season we introduce new and more sustainable loungewear fabrics to our collection including TENCEL™ Lyocell, bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton.

We advocate for slow fashion, which is why we design all of our clothing to last the test of time.

We continue to make steps to become an eco-alternative and 100% sustainable brand; aiming to minimize our environmental fashion footprint and affect positive impact on our planet.


Our guarantee to you is comfort without compromising your style; loungewear items intended to last throughout the years and be worn time-and-time again.

We aim to produce high-quality loungewear products by incorporating, finishes, fabrics and custom designs that come together for the fit and style that can move with a woman throughout her day and unique life circumstance. Our luxurious loungewear remains simple and stylish.